Cyantific - Cyborg VIP (ft. BMotion) [VPR122VIP]
Cyantific - Cyborg VIP (ft. BMotion) [VPR122VIP]

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October 2017 saw two of Viper’s finest team up to bring you ‘Cyborg’, the powerful drum & bass tune that has since destroyed dancefloors everywhere. Now, one year later, Cyantific has given the iconic track the VIP treatment and if Viper’s history of VIPs are a testament to anything (like Dossa & Locuzzed’s massive ‘Shag’ VIP earlier last year), it’s that this track is set to be making rounds on the international DJ circuit for months to come.

Maintaining the dynamic, elegant, cinematic opening of the original, suspense is building right from the start; you know big things are coming from the moment you hit play. Strong synths steal the spotlight and infuse the track with a vivacious 80s feel in typical Cyantific fashion. ‘Cyborg’ has a real power to it, the kind of track that owns the room as soon as it starts and leaves jaws on the floor once it drops – and the VIP somehow manages to amp things up another notch.

The track transports us to a neon world of man vs robot, telling a story with every beat in a way only Cyantific is capable of. An adrenaline-packed tune from start to finish, ‘Cyborg’ VIP is a track you won’t be forgetting anytime soon – Play it  Loud & Proud!!!!!!

Cyantific - Cyborg VIP (ft. BMotion)
1. Cyborg VIP
Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR122VIP
Genre: Drum & Bass
All Stores: 18/01/2018
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