Ekko & Sidetrack - (Exclusive Signing)
Ekko & Sidetrack - (Exclusive Signing)

Buy & Stream: https://viper.lnk.to/VPR153

We are very excited to welcome 'Ekko & Sidetrack' one of the hottest acts out of Perth exclusively to the Viper team! We have been working with the guys over the last few years and are extremely proud & excited to officially have them on board.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Jeff and Jono Hansen, aka Ekko & Sidetrack, have proven their name is one to watch over the past three years releasing with Viper. Now, at long last the duo has signed exclusively to the label along with the release of their latest single, ‘Exotic Robotics’. 

Known for their incredible versatility and high quality, out-of-the-box productions, the brothers have made a name for themselves within the drum and bass community both at home and abroad, touring extensively and releasing everything from liquid to neuro, all with a consistent calibre of class. 

‘Exotic Robotic’ is yet another example of the duo’s impeccable production, with flawless sound design that seems to fill the room. Dark, haunting, yet full of energy, the track is a playful take on the classic apocalyptic atmosphere so often seen in drum and bass, but with an inimitable groove and cheek that has become something of a trademark for Ekko & Sidetrack. 

Catch Ekko & Sidetrack performing on the Viper stage at this year’s Let It Roll festival in Prague this August, followed by a performance at Viper’s Flagship London event @ Egg on August 3rd and plenty more goodness from them in the near future on the mighty Viper Recordings. 

Ekko & Sidetrack - Exotic Robotics
'Exotic Robotics'
1. Tardis
2.Exotic Robotics

Buy & Stream: https://viper.lnk.to/VPR153

Viper Recordings
Cat#: VPR153
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: August 3, 2018