Viper Podcast #011 Hosted By Miss Trouble (June 2018)
Viper Podcast #011 Hosted By Miss Trouble (June 2018)

The Viper Recordings Podcast, bringing you the newest and freshest tracks direct from Viper HQ! Hosted by Miss Trouble, this month's episode features a special guest mix from Memtrix.

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Viper Recordings Podcast #010 Tracklist:
Dossa & Locuzzed - Synthesizer (ft Dorian)
Cyantific - Wild Child
Matrix & Futurebound - Live Another Day (ft Alex Hepburn) (M&F's Smoke & Mirrors Mix)
Memtrix - Of The Ice
Insomniax - Fly Hiya (ft Lydia Kaye )
Memtrix - Blood Run
Rowney Propz - Sunrise (ft Lorna King)

Toronto Is Broken Interview:
Toronto Is Broken - I Am
Toronto Is Broken - Remnants (ft Karina Ramage)
Toronto Is Broken - Nothingness Lasts Forever (ft Deuce & Charger)
Toronto Is Broken - You Are Not Alone (ft Amy Kirkpatrick)
Toronto Is Broken - Spite Lessons Regrets Promises (ft J Swif)
Toronto Is Broken - Make Me Feel
Toronto Is Broken - What You Do With What You Have

Memtrix Mix:
Memtrix - Blood Run
Memtrix & Spor - Super Trace
Calyx & Teebee - A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix)
July Jones - Jump In The Water (Memtrix Remix)
Noisia - Thursday
Kiril - Turn Back Time
Insideinfo - Pollinate
Memtrix - Curses
Memtrix - Ic Yr Pain
Circuits - Resistor
Memtrix - Concrete
Memtrix - Atrophy
Memtrix - Numb Eye
Memtrix - Id
Joe Ford & Memtrix - Out Of Place
Memtrix - Of The Ice
Memtrix - Id
Memtrix - Gloom Body
The Upbeats - Say Go (Memtrix Remix)