Blaine Stranger - Mesmerise / Get Down [VPR115]
Blaine Stranger - Mesmerise / Get Down [VPR115]

Last year, Sam Lloyd aka Blaine Stranger made waves with his debut music on Viper Recordings, with both ‘Chat Shit, Get Banged’ on last year’s Summer Slammers compilation, and his massive ‘Rock With It / I See the End’ single. Since he discovered Ableton in 2011, the young producer hailing from Sydney, Australia has proven he’s on a path to success, and his latest two tracks are a shining example.

Now, joining Viper Recordings as their latest exclusive signing, Blaine Stranger is here to stay, offering two brand new tracks, which are destined to demolish dancefloors everywhere.

‘Mesmerise’, pairs captivating vocals with funky, modulated basslines, creating a sound that is as catchy as it is evocative. This is the type of tune that gets the whole room dancing – Blaine Stranger has certainly left us mesmerized once again.

On the flip, ‘Get Down’ delivers an empowering intro with energizing synths, leading into an adrenaline filled build-up alongside iconic robotic vocals that add an apocalyptic flair. Blaine Stranger successfully combines powerful bass with impeccable flow, paving the way for his bright future in the drum & bass scene.

Blaine Stranger
‘Mesmerise / Get Down’
1. Mesmerise
2. Get Down

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: #VPR115
Genre: Drum & Bass
Beatport Exclusive: 14th July 2017
Released: 28th July 2017
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