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CEO / A&R: Brendan Collins (Futurebound) (Twitter: @FutureboundLFC)

Label Manager / PR & Marketing Manager / General Enquiries: Tim Dudley (Tim Viper) (Twitter: @TimViper)

Director / Accounts Manager: Helen Lowe

Operations Manager / Artist Liaison: Asad Raja (Twitter: @AsadFunkatech)

Events & Programming / Viper Club Nights: James Foster

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Demos: To submit a demo please send a Soundcloud link for your track to: If you don't want your track to be public on Soundcloud, simply go into the edit settings and select private, then send us the private URL link. Please do not send your demo as an attachment or to any other address or they will be ignored.

Due to the amount of demos we are receiving these days we are not checking Sendspace or other download links for tunes given the amount of time it takes to download and check them all. If we like your tunes we will be in contact with you to send us a full version.


Viper Recordings is a UK Drum & Bass record label founded in 2004 by Futurebound.

Since its inception, Viper Recordings has become a powerhouse in the Drum & Bass scene and has been responsible for releasing some of the biggest dancefloor hits of the past decade.

Viper has become synonymous for being home to some of the scenes hottest talents, as well as being responsible for releasing huge albums including: Matrix & Futurebound’s ‘Universal Truth’ (2007 – Knowledge Magazine 'Album of the Year'), 'Acts Of Mad Men' (2009 – Zane Lowe's 'Album of the Week'), ShockOne’s ‘Universus’ (2013 – Triple J Radio 'Album of the Week', No.1 album on iTunes Australia), The Prototypes 'City Of Gold' (2015 – #1 Beatport Release, 4X #1 Beatport Singles), as well as the annual ‘Drum & Bass Summer Slammers’ and 'The Sound of Drum & Bass' series.

Viper’s current roster of artists includes: Matrix & Futurebound, Brookes Brothers, Cyantific, InsideInfo, Smooth, Koven, BMotion, Mob Tactics, Six Blade, Insomniax, and Cynematic.

Always at the forefront of breaking new talent, Viper has become renowned for finding some of the biggest producers in the scene, with artists such as: Sigma, Nero, Camo & Krooked, DC Breaks, Delta Heavy, Seven Lions, and Fred V & Grafix all having cut their teeth with releases on the label over the years.

With a groundswell of support from the leading radio personalities, as well as the top DJ's in the scene, Viper has gone from strength to strength and received massive cross-over success, while still appealing to the underground.

While tracks such as ‘Lazerbeam’ by ShockOne, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ by The Prototypes, ‘Metamorphosis’ by InsideInfo, and ‘Drone’ by Smooth have topped the Beatport charts on the club side of things, Viper has also crossed-over into mainstream success with BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra playlisted tracks and entry into the UK singles charts. The Brookes Brothers 'Carry Me On' reached #7 in the UK Independent Charts and was named Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record in the World' on Radio 1. Meanwhile, Matrix & Futurebound have reached new heights of success with four consecutive UK Top 40 hits with ‘All I Know’, ‘Magnetic Eyes’, ‘Control’, and ‘Don’t Look Back’ – with ‘Control’ peaking at #7 in the UK Singles Charts and #2 in the UK Dance Charts.



• Label founded by Futurebound, based out of Liverpool

• First Viper release VPR001: Futurebound & Jaquan - Blind Cobblers Thumb


• First collaboration between (then) solo artists Matrix and Futurebound together 'Strength 2 Strength / Crystal Maze'


• First Viper EP released 'Circuit Breakers' featuring Futurebound, Jaquan, State of Mind, Moving Fusion, Probe, Sylo, & Entity

• First Matrix & Futurebound album sampler 'Universal Truth / Skyscraper'

• Brookes Brothers release their first single 'Someone / Promise'


• Matrix & Futurebound release their debut album 'Universal Truth' including the hit singles 'Knight Riderz', 'Family', 'American Beauty VIP', 'Coast To Coast'

• ShockOne releases his first single on Viper, 'Don't You Know / Shock Resistance'

• Sigma release their first single on Viper, 'Hi Top / Dawn Alarm'


• The first ever 'Headroom EP' volume is released

• DC Breaks, Metrik, and InsideInfo release their debut singles on Viper

• Viper VIP sub-label is formed with the debut single from T-Phonic (VPRVIP001)


• ShockOne EP is released featuring the smash hit 'Polygon' and 'Adachigahara's Theme'

• First Viper album is released V/A - 'Acts Of Mad Men' featuring Nero, Sigma, Camo & Krooked, Ed Rush & Optical, Futurebound, ShockOne, DC Breaks, Metrik, Delta Heavy, Smooth, and Furlonge

• 'Acts of Mad Men' named Zane Lowe's "Album of the Week" on BBC Radio 1


• DC Breaks release 'Halo EP' featuring 'Halo', 'Babylon' and 'Mankind VIP'

• Delta Heavy 'Abort' from 'Headroom EP Part 3 & 4' hits #1 on Beatport

 • First ever 'Drum & Bass Summer Slammers' album is released

• Metrik releases his debut EP 'The Departure' featuring 'T-1000', 'The Arrival', 'Learn To Fly'


• Camo & Krooked release 'Pulse of Time EP' featuring 5 smash singles 'Feel Your Pulse', 'Cliffhanger', 'Shoreless', 'Reality', 'Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday'

• Futurebound and Metrik collaborate on 'Brave New World' and 'Sabotage', both which hit #1 on Beatport DNB chart

• Matrix & Futurebound release the compilation album 'Worldwide 001' featuring Futurebound 'Blind Cobblers Thumb (Tantrum Desire Remix)', Matrix & Futurebound 'Strength 2 Strength (Smooth Remix), InsideInfo 'Honey Bee', Smooth 'Calling', Technimatic 'Just Play', Moving Fusion 'Black Belt' and Matrix 'Shelter'

• First Viper @ Cable event in London featuring Matrix & Futurebound, Loadstar, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Brookes Brothers, Metrik, InsideInfo and Raw Theory

• ShockOne releases first album single 'Crucify Me'


• Smooth releases his debut EP, 'Blinded By The Light' featuring 'Cosmos', 'Cyber Funk', 'Shifting Sands', 'From Within'

• Kove releases his debut single, 'Stellar / Breach'

• Fred V & Grafix release their debut single, 'Just A Thought'

Matrix & Futurebound single 'All I Know' is playlisted on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and hits #29 in the UK Official Singles Chart

• Seven Lions releases his first EP ever with 'Polarize EP' including the track 'Below Us' which is named Zane Lowe's "Hottest Record in the World" and holds the #1 spot on Beatport's Dubstep chart for over a month

• InsideInfo releases his first EP 'Grow' featuring an astonishing 7 tracks including 'Honey Bee (Audio Remix)', 'Bottled', 'Hear Me Roar'

• Maduk releases his first single on Viper, 'Don't Be Afraid / Feel Good'


• ShockOne releases his debut album, 'Universus' featuring the hit singles 'Chaos Theory', 'Relapse', 'Crucify Me', 'Lazerbeam'

• 'Universus' hits #1 in Australia iTunes Albums charts, #2 in ARIA Official Albums Chart and #26 in UK Official Albums Chart

• Viper release their 50th record #VPR050 with a remix EP featuring Matrix & Futurebound, Mind Vortex, Smooth, TC, and Metrik

• Matrix & Futurebound single 'Magnetic Eyes' is playlisted on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and hits #24 in the UK Official Singles Chart

• Brookes Brothers release 'Carry Me On' which is named Zane Lowe's "Hottest Record in the World" and is playlisted on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra and charts at #7 in the official UK Independent Singles Chart

• Koven release their first EP 'More Than You'


• The Prototypes release their first single on Viper, 'Pale Blue Dot' which goes on to be #1 on Beatport for over a month and becomes one of the biggest tracks of the year

• Matrix & Futurebound single 'Control' is playlisted on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and hits #7 in the UK Official Singles Chart

• Viper celebrate their 10 year anniversary with the release of the 'Decade of Viper' album featuring the best tracks in the labels 10 year history as well as new unreleased exclusive tracks

• First Viper @ Fire event in London for the Decade of Viper launch featuring Matrix & Futurebound, TC, Brookes Brothers, Hazard, The Prototypes, DC Breaks, ShockOne, Prolix, Koven, Smooth, InsideInfo, Six Blade, Raw Theory, & Insomniax

• Matrix & Futurebound single 'Don't Look Back' is playlisted on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and hits #38 in the UK Official Singles Chart


Viper launches 'Viper Live' branded events and club tours

• Cyantific releases his debut single on Viper, 'High Water Mark'

• Viper releases their first 'The Sound of Drum & Bass' compilation album which charts at #12 in the Official UK Dance Albums chart

• The Prototypes release their debut album 'City Of Gold' featuring the hit singles 'Pale Blue Dot', 'Don't Let Me Go', 'Pop It Off', 'Humanoid'

• Viper Live hosts stage @ Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium

• First ever Viper Live @ Fabric in London


• Viper release ‘Drum & Bass Annual 2016’ album which charts at #12 in the Official UK Dance Albums chart

• Viper Live host stage @ Let It Roll Festival in Czech Republic featuring Matrix & Futurebound, The Prototypes, InsideInfo, Mob Tactics, Smooth, Trei


Viper Publishing is the publishing wing of Viper Recordings which registers and administers Viper's catalogue of songs appropriately with collection societies worldwide.

Together with our Sync wing of Viper, we can offer artists additional opportunities to generate revenue through their music by placing them on television shows, adverts, video games, and more.

For sync opportunities contact James Foster

For publishing opportunities contact Patrick Scheidt